Call For Papers



Call for Papers


The Association of Asphalt Paving Technologists (AAPT) is soliciting papers for consideration of presentation at its 2023 Annual Meeting and Technical Sessions and for publication in a Special Collection of the Transportation Research Record (TRR). Papers reporting on studies concerning any aspect of asphalt paving technology or related fields will be considered, including asphalt materials, design, construction, maintenance/preservation, and research applications.

This year, in addition to the general call, the Board of Directors is planning for specific sessions at the Annual Meeting and is seeking papers/presentations to fill those sessions. Thus, the following calls for papers are also open for your consideration:

  • Data Science Applications in Asphalt Technology

The ways in which data is collected, visualized, and analyzed are constantly expanding. How can this data be managed, evaluated, and utilized in the decision-making process for asphalt pavement technology use? Is the appropriate data being collected at the appropriate time, location, and frequency? How can this information be used to make data driven decisions to improve performance during the pavement lifecycle? How can technologies, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, advanced neural networks, etc., be leveraged to better understand pavement materials and data? Application of data science and Building Information Modeling (BIM) for pavements to further the processes of collecting and analyzing data, resulting in improved pavement performance, is of interest.

  • Additives for Sustainable Asphalt Pavements

Strategies to promote sustainable asphalt pavements include increased use of Reclaimed Asphalt Materials (RAM), Warm Mix Asphalt (WMA), and the incorporation of materials such as plastics or tire rubber. These practices may require incorporation of additives including recycling agents or chemical products and/or different design and production processes. The use of these materials, individually or in combination, along with their aging behavior is of interest to maximize economic and environmental benefits while maintaining engineering performance.

  • Lessons Learned from Long-term Case Studies

In-service performance is the true indicator of success in making changes or introducing new processes, products, or technologies. Monitoring field projects over performance over a significant period is a challenge but provides extremely valuable information. Summaries and lessons learned from asphalt field evaluations (at least 8-10 years in service) of mix design practices (BMD, Superpave5, etc.), mixture types, binders, use of recycled materials (RAP, RAS, rubber, etc.), additives, or other technologies are of interest.


The following are options for submission:

  • Presentation and Publication

The option for submitters wishing to be considered for presentation at the AAPT Annual Meeting and considered for publication in a Special Collection of the Transportation Research Record (TRR). Publication decisions are made solely by the AAPT and TRR Editorial Boards. Presentation decisions are made by the AAPT Board of Directors.

This is the option chosen by most submitters.

  • Publication Only

The option for submitters wishing to be considered for publication in a Special Collection of the Transportation Research Record (TRR), but who do not necessarily wish to present at the Annual Meeting. Publication decisions are made solely by the AAPT and TRR Editorial Boards.

This is an option chosen by some submitters.

  • Presentation Only

The option for submitters wishing to present their work at the AAPT Annual Meeting, but who: (a) may not want to write a full paper; (b) may not want to subject their work to the paper review/selection/revision process required for publication; or (c) who have previously published their work and are interested only in presenting. Presentation decisions are made by the Board of Directors.

This is an option chosen by some submitters.



Papers submitted for consideration of Presentation and Publication or Publication Only shall be a maximum of 27 pages (8.5″ x 11″) – including figures, tables, references, and any appendices – in TRB/TRR format. See the Authors Instructions at the following link:

If authors are submitting for Presentation Only, they may submit an abstract or an extended abstract/paper. In either case, the purpose of the submission is to provide enough information for the AAPT Board of Directors to fairly assess whether to offer a presentation slot to the submitter. The Authors Instructions (same link as above) can help provide guidance as well.

All submissions for Publication (those for Presentation/Publication and for Publication Only) shall be made via the Transportation Research Record Editorial Manager site at  by no later than March 1, 2023. If you are submitting for Publication only, please note this on the title page of your paper.  Submissions intended to be considered for Presentation Only should be e-mailed directly to  The deadline for submitting these is also March 1, 2023.

Step-by-step instructions on the submission process are described in the “Submitting for a Special Collection” PDF. To be fair to other authors and reviewers, please note that the submission deadline is a firm deadline.

Submissions will be reviewed by the appropriate group – the AAPT Editorial Board for those submissions seeking publication and the AAPT Board of Directors for those submissions seeking presentation at the Annual Meeting. For those seeking publication, please note that reviewer questions, comments, and suggested revisions will be shared along with the final decision on the submission. The expected timeline for the process is as follows:

Submissions Due

March 1, 2023

Decision from Board of Directors on Presentation at AAPT Annual Meeting

June 15, 2023

Decision from Editorial Board on Publication in AAPT Special Collection in TRR

July 15, 2023

Revised Submission Due

August 15, 2023

Final Notification on Paper Publication

September 15, 2023

Please contact the AAPT office (651-293-9188 or with any questions regarding requirements and the submittal-review-publication process.