2024 Centennial Annual Meeting

AAPT is excited to announce that AAPT will be celebrating its 100th year as an association of asphalt paving technologists. It is a significant milestone for any association, or individual for that matter, to achieve. You do not get to 100 years by accident. Just as the success of an asphalt pavement depends on many factors, so too does the success of AAPT– owing largely to strong leadership from our governing Board of Directors and the devotion and participation of our members.

To celebrate our 100th anniversary, AAPT will be returning to the place where it all began in 1924 – Chicago, Illinois – for our Annual Conference, to be held September 9-12, 2024. The sessions will be different as will the social events; more details to follow. We want this to be a celebration and hope that as many of you as can make it to Chicago, do make it there.  Further information will be added shortly.

We will be celebrating our Centennial throughout the year.  There will be many exciting items happening and information will be added here are they are available.

There are special sponsorship opportunities available for this special event. The details are below.  Contact Eileen Soler at aapt@asphalttechnology.org for further details.

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 2024 Centennial Annual Meeting Sponsorship

AAPT is excited to announce that we will be celebrating our 100th year as an association. It is a significant milestone for any association, or individual for that matter. You do not get to 100 years by accident but through dedicated members and a Board of Directors with a strong vision. In some ways, we are built to last like a perpetual pavement.

There are some special sponsorship options available that we have never before offered. Many of those sponsorship opportunities are only available for one or perhaps two sponsors and we have several that have already been spoken for. To be a sponsor at any level – including the special sponsorships – please email Eileen at the AAPT office (aapt@asphalttechnology.org). For the special sponsorships the only way to indicate your interest is through an email to Eileen so we have a written record of your request. Once a special sponsorship is sold, it will no longer be available as an option.

Again, thank you for your support of AAPT.  Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.  We hope to see you at our special Centennial Meeting in Chicago!

Best regards,

Phillip B. Blankenship

AAPT Sponsorship Chair






 As part of the Centennial Celebration AAPT has launched a capital campaign to help defray some additional costs throughout this year as we celebrate the past, present, and future of this amazing organization.  Excess funds raised from this campaign that are not used to offset costs of special activities will be transferred to the Scholarship Fund.

We are offering a special limited-edition commemorative pin for the first 100 people who donate $50 or more to the Capital Campaign. Limit one per customer. Don’t miss out!

Also, the AAPT Board of Directors is doing a $25 match of each $100+ until March 31st or until $1000 in match is reached.  Don’t miss this chance to increase the impact of your donation!

Contact Eileen Soler at aapt@asphalttechnology.org with any questions.