Call for Papers

Jacksonville, Florida
March 18-21, 2018

The Association of Asphalt Paving Technologists (AAPT) is actively soliciting paper offers for its 2018 Annual Meeting and Technical Sessions. The Annual Meeting is attended by specialists from academia, research organizations, material producers, contractors, national and state authorities, and consultants from around the world. Papers reporting on studies concerning any aspect of asphalt paving technology or related fields are considered. These can include research, design, construction, and maintenance issues dealing with all types of asphalt binders, asphalt mixtures, and pavement applications – including innovative ideas and improvements to current practice. Papers offered for the 2018 Annual Meeting must be submitted through the AAPT website. The deadline is August 15, 2017.

Submitted papers will be considered for publication in the prestigious AAPT Journal. Authors are required to follow the appropriate paper format as described in the Instructions to Authors. Papers that exceed the length requirement described therein may be rejected, without being subjected to peer review, at the discretion of the Board. The AAPT Author Submission Form provides additional details/guidance regarding paper submission.

All submitted papers will be subjected to a thorough evaluation process. Selection of a paper for inclusion in the Annual Meeting and subsequent publication is made by the AAPT Board of Directors, on the basis of the peer reviews, annotated by the review comments. Prospective authors should note that the Board’s acceptance decision is final. AAPT has traditionally accepted papers for both presentation at the Annual Meeting and publication. A finite number of papers (usually between 18 and 25) are accepted to allow adequate time for presentation. In a few instances, a paper may be accepted “By Title Only” meaning that it will be published but may not be presented at the Annual Meeting due to the constraints of the agenda.

If a paper is accepted – regardless of whether or not it will be presented – the author will be required to make revisions as appropriate to address reviewer comments and submit a final draft paper for inclusion with the meeting pre-prints. If the paper is rejected, the author is encouraged to consider the reviewer comments and revise his/her paper appropriately for possible re-submission for a later Annual Meeting.

For those interested in more details, the paper evaluation process is described here.

Please contact the AAPT office (651-293-9188 or with any questions regarding paper requirements and the submittal-review-publication process.